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Access Control

When you need expert, technical advice, choose Autogate

So, you’ve opted for an automatic gate system, now you need to decide which method of access control is going to best suit your needs.

Our expert team at Autogate will be happy to discuss your bespoke requirements to ensure that your automated entry system provides you with exactly the right level of convenience and security you require.

Intercom Systems


Autogate can supply a large range of audio and video intercom systems.

These are available in a variety of finishes from brass to steel and can be connected to a dedicated control box in your home/office or interfaced with your existing telephone, including your mobile network SIM card.

Keypad Entry

Keypads are useful for securing your entry and exit.

Access is granted through a pin code.

keypad entry system

Remote Controls


A remote control enables you to open your gates from inside your car when leaving or entering using your automated gates.

Using a unique secure frequency, a remote control is an affordable and reliable method of secure access.

Timer Controls

Time controls are multifunctional and suited for a wide range of entry points.For industrial or commercial premises a timer control can ensure that access is only available at times to suit you.

This may be for operational or security purposes. In a domestic situation having a timer control allows the gates to be opened and closed freely for deliveries (such as the postal service) at specific times of the day only.

timer control

Vehicle Induction Loops

An induction loop is installed under your driveway surface and is activated by metal mass these can be incorporated with a timer function.

Parking Barriers - car parks and controlled entrances

Parking barriers – car parks and controlled entrances At Autogate we specialise is all types of access control systems including automatic car park barriers.

We can provide a range of controlled entrances for car parks, and will be happy to discuss your specific requirements.

parking barriers

Pier & Wall Erection

pier well de

If you are making the choice to install automatic gates it may be that you are starting from scratch or planning to install new gates into an existing driveway.

At Autogate we will assess your entrance requirements and conduct a survey if necessary. In the event that your new gates will require new pillars or posts, we can arrange for pier or wall erection or post installation.

Gated Development Access

In new developments it is becoming more popular to install a gated entrance.

Autogate specialists are happy to work in partnership with architects and developers to advise and install the best type of automatic gates and entry access systems.

gated devlo

Authorised Access Systems


For added security Autogate can supply commercial or residential authorised access systems.

Installation of these systems can create a safer environment where only those authorised are able to enter your property or premises.

System Upgrades & Overhauls

Any automated gate system installed by Autogate will be designed for durability. However there may come a time when your needs change or you need to upgrade or overhaul your system.


Fencing & Railings

Fencing & Railings

If you are investing in a new gate, you may be considering updating or installing new fencing or railings too to enhance the visual appeal and security of your property.

Ask us for information on our fencing and railing installation service.

Secure Door Entry Systems

By installing a secure door entry system you can control user access thus significantly enhancing safety and security.

At Autogate we supply a wide range of controlled access facilities including various types of secure door entry systems.

door entry system

Finishing Touches

We can install lighting, House names, Post boxes, brush strips, custom wood carving on gates




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P Davis

Many years of very responsive service from the Autogate team, from serving, safety and project upgrades. We have reviewed other suppliers from time to time but Autogate have always been competitive and quick to respond.

Nicholas Moody

Realistic genuine advice for maintenance on electric gates in comparisons to other providers, easy to get in touch to arrange repairs, honest, trustworthy, friendly and helpful.
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