Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Autogate will happily give advice to assist third parties in carrying out groundworks.

If a system only opens part way, it could be physically obstructed, or the operator settings may require adjustment.

The first check should be to see if anything is in the way of the gate hindering the movement.

All systems have a manual override to enable access when required, manual release keys enable manual operation.


All gates are made to measure so therefore we usually allow 6-8 weeks for manufacturing. Automating exising gates can be carried out on a quicker time scale.

Autogate would recommend contacting your local council to establish whether planning or highway permission is required. Autogate will not accept responsibility for any issue arising as a result of planning or highways permission problems or disputes.

Systems can be set up using timers to allow free entry and exit at times chosen by you. A more secure system could have a keypad with trades button or audio systems that communicate with the house. We also offer a system that calls to your BT landline or mobile phone.

This could be through a push to exit button mounted inside the boundary, a keypad or ground loop, all can be run through a timer.

Autogate can automate existing gates, subject to survey.

A 13amp constant supply is required for the automation system.

All gate, garage door and barrier systems require maintenance to keep the system reliable and safe.

Gates may close automatically once the user has cleared the safety devices, or alternatively be left open until given the command by the user to close.

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Many years of very responsive service from the Autogate team, from serving, safety and project upgrades. We have reviewed other suppliers from time to time but Autogate have always been competitive and quick to respond.

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Realistic genuine advice for maintenance on electric gates in comparisons to other providers, easy to get in touch to arrange repairs, honest, trustworthy, friendly and helpful.
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